Eder-038Birds chirping, bees buzzing and the tall grass blowing in the breeze, is all I heard as I walked the grounds at, ‘The Garden of Eder’.  I stood still, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. There was a sweetness in the air with a hint of fresh pine.  I was surrounded by trees on every side of me.  The bees were so loud as they surrounded a beautiful pink Eder-041flowering tree, a Horse Chestnut.  I got up close and  watched while they worked hard. Something red flashed past me, stealing my attention away from the bees.  There it was, a beautiful red cardinal just perching above me. Even the birds seemed at peace at ‘The Garden of Eder’.


Eder-136‘The Garden of Eder’, is located in the Town of Raymond, (5300 Hwy K).  The grounds have been a nursery for almost a hundred years, but it has been in the Eder family for almost 45 years.  Eder-107They specialize in Landscaping and offer many different varieties of trees and shrubs.  Michael and Kathy Eder are the owners of the business.  They have two daughters, Rebecca and Jessica and one son, Jeremy.

Jeremy is who I had the opportunity of talking to.  He and his sister Jessica, who is also a teacher in her hometown school, Raymond Elementary, manage ‘The Garden of Eder’.  Now that their parents are retired, they reside near eldest daughter, Rebecca and husband, Matt Tegland.  Rebecca and Matt, own and operate their own landscaping business in Minocqua, Ederland Gardens.


Eder-023As I walked the grounds and got an official tour from, Jeremy, I could tell the property meant a lot to him.  Every section of the property brought up good memories he had throughout his whole life.  The old barn was definitely one of my favorite focal points. Eder-027 It’s old and worn, but stands proud upon that property point.  I could tell that one of Jeremy’s favorite spots was overlooking the pond.  It brought great memories forward for him, since that was where he stood and got married 6 months prior.  When I saw him look out over the water, I could tell he was reliving that very memory, because he was smiling.


Eder-034Eder-003As we kept walking, we came upon a beautiful waterway.  Jeremy’s dog, Luka, came running out, super excited to walk the grounds with us.  She has become quite the fixture at ‘The Garden of Eder’.  I just love how the water way looks so natural, like it has always been there.





Eder-031What is most unique about the way everything is landscaped, is that it isn’t so uniform.  There are so many different shapes and textures running through every landscaped area.  If you notice in this picture on the left, they even throw in a few rocky sections to break up the steadiness in the garden.  There are even big boulder rocks throughout with great natural placement.



Journey through, ‘The Garden of Eder’ with me.  See it through my eyes.  When you are finished, learn from, Jeremy Eder, a professional landscaper, on how to properly plant and take care of trees.


This is what Jeremy calls, a whip. That’s what a tree looks like in the beginning. He removed all the growth lower than his hand. By doing that, it helps shape up the tree.


This is a two year tree grown from the beginning, right on the property.


I was lucky that this Peony was in blossom the day I was there. I couldn’t even capture how beautiful it was in person.


The walkways were so beautiful. Having the grass in between just made it feel more natural.


I love these trees! These are going on my must have list! (Fern Leaf Beech)


I have never seen so many different pines. They have the best variety, and everything just looks so healthy.


One of Jeremy's Favorite Trees!

One of Jeremy’s Favorite Trees, Weeping White Pine.  Jeremy likes calling it the Snuffaluffagus tree.


Weeping White Pine


Wild Phlox decorated the wild wooded areas, and it smelled so sweet.


There were many tree stumps through out the property, giving it that natural feel.


There were acres, upon acres of new trees growing.


An old bus resides across from an acre of two year old trees.


When you think you are all done walking through, it just continues on.






Jeremy, walking the field of baby trees, with pal, Luka.

Jeremy, walking the field of baby trees, with pal, Luka.




As soon as I came out of the wooded paths, this was my first view in the picture above.  I knew I had hit the big tree gardens. There were so many different varieties! Walk through the big tree gardens with me, and see it through my eyes.









Eder-014The Paths ran through and around the whole property.  What I found, was that the paths always led you back, so you could never get lost.  Once I got through the big tree gardens, I was back up by the store.  That’s when I realized, there was a whole other section of pathways through all of their decorative trees and shrubs.  So, of course, I couldn’t help myself! I walked through every little pathway.  Walk through it with me and see it through my eyes.












Once I was finished walking through the decorative tree and shrub gardens, I was back up front, following the pathway that led me to the store.


(Above) Pathway into store


(Above) Inside the store they have many unique fixtures for your garden. They can also make great gifts for any gardener!




When you go and visit, ‘The Garden of Eder’, just walk right into the store.  They are always eager to help you with a smile.  They are the go to place for Landscaping and Landscape design.  You can even go there if you just need one tree, mulch, shrubs, specialty trees or even if you just want to take a walk through the beautiful landscaped paths.  It is a must walk through for everyone.  Whether you are a gardener or not, ‘The Garden of Eder’, brings you peace and serenity through every last inch of their 50 acres.


Now here’s a gift for you below!

Your very own LIVE video.  Professional Landscaper, Jeremy Eder, shares his knowledge with you on how to plant and care for a tree correctly.

‘The Garden of Eder’ planted a beautiful pine for me in my yard.  Here was their process:


They dug the hole for the tree with a little space around it. You don’t want the hole too big otherwise that allows too much movement.


This is a large tree, so they used the skid to move it.



It took three guys to stabilize it, and get it properly positioned into the hole.


Jeremy checks and makes sure the tree is straight.



They filled in the hole with fresh top soil, and topped it off with a couple inches of mulch.


They usually cut the rope that wraps the tree before placing the tree in the hole, but this time it got over looked. Jeremy had to go ‘Teen Wolf’ on the skid and cut it off himself. (I mean, the 80’s flick, ‘Teen Wolf’, starring Michael J Fox).


And, of course, Luka found her way on the job site. Thank you, Jeremy Eder, for helping us choose the perfect tree for our courtyard. I look forward to working with you through my project, ‘Casa de Lawrence’.


The Garden of Eder

5300 Hwy K, Franksville, WI 53126

(262) 835.1000



Landscape Design & Installation

Nursery Stock


Interesting & Unusual Trees and Shrubs

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