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Harvesting Potatoes | Easy, When&How To | Raised Bed Potatoes

Harvesting Potatoes | Easy, When & How to | Raised Bed Potatoes

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Casey Lynn Lawrence had you follow along all season, during her first year growing potatoes. Now it is time to Harvest them! Find out when you need to harvest, how to harvest and see how easy growing Potatoes can be! Since this is her first year growing potatoes, she wants to get her Dad, Farmer Wayne’s Opinion on her bounty.(7th generation farmer) Ride along with Casey to her Dad’s Farm, once she’s done harvesting, and see what he has to say about her Harvest! The Lawrence Network hopes you enjoy another ‘Gardening with Casey Lynn Lawrence’, video! Casey’s Videos are always simple, fun and full of information and close ups! Feel free to follow Casey’s Passion for Gardens, Homes and Family on Instagram, @CaseyLynnLawrence or on Facebook, @CaseyLynnLawrence

Herb Gardening | How to Grow Herbs | Most Beautiful Herb Garden

Herb Gardening | How to Grow & Maintain Herbs | Most Beautiful Herb Garden

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Casey Lynn Lawrence shows you her beautiful Herb Garden. See a few of her varieties, Plus, a variety called, Borage, that Casey is trying for the First time! Learn how she controls a large assortment of plants in one container, and how she controls and keeps everything looking amazing all season long! Casey’s Secrets to a Beautiful Herb Garden!

Growing Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, Peppers Tomatoes and Pickles

Growing Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, Peppers, Tomatoes and Pickles

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Let’s Learn About Peas, Carrots, Potatoes, Peppers, Tomatoes and Pickles Casey Lynn Lawrence shows you updates on many different vegetable varieties, and how she maintains them. She goes from picking peas with the family and listing the variety of peas that has become their favorite to Digging Potatoes just to have a peek! See how the Carrots are coming along, and learn a few helpful tips along the way. The tomatoes are getting big and look super healthy. Find out what Casey does to set them up for success throughout the harvesting season. She moves onto Peppers, which have pests, and Zucchini, which have a few squash bugs. If you are having troubles with pests, and you don’t want to use anything harsh, then try out Casey’s homemade Recipe for a DIY Spray, that works with more than 1 application. To see more on that topic, watch this video: https://youtu.be/D2KHsTkxzJQ (How to Get Rid of Aphids and Thrip)

Just Life, ‘Happy 4th of July’, Season 2: Episode 19

Just Life, ‘Happy 4th of July’, Season 2: Episode 19

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The Lawrence Family is Celebrating the 4th of July on the Homestead with Family and Kids. Join the Party and enjoy morning swim time in the garden, lots of food, water slide, dance party, fireworks, glow sticks and so much more!

My Secret Tips to the Ultimate Veggie Garden and Flowering Containers

My Secret tips to the Ultimate Veggie Garden and Flowering Containers

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One of the biggest keys to keeping my containers, window boxes and raised garden beds looking beautiful is fertilizing. I do this once per week then starting in about July will start twice per week. I use a water soluble fertilizer (Jack’s Blossom Booster and Shultz all purpose). I have a fertilizer injector I am able to hook a hose up to and that mixes the fertilizer in with the water and then out the hose it goes. A tip when watering, make sure to water under the foliage, if you water directly on top of you plants they won’t look good!

Another key to beautiful flowers, plants and gardens is cleaning your plants. Pulling off the dead blossoms, this keeps things looking good! I do this about once per week or even every two weeks. The more you keep them clean the more they blossom.

To keep your vegetable plants looking good and producing well, you can take off any dead leaves. The dead leaves invite bugs and we don’t want them by our veggies!

Cultivating around the plant or working up the soil around the plant helps with aeration which promotes growth and plant happiness. I use my hand tiller/cultivator for this. This will also help with any little weeds that may be growing around your plants. It also makes it easier for water to soak down into the soil and plant root.

If you do this just every two weeks your gardens will look Amazing!!

To purchase products used in this video: Jack’s Blossom Booster | https://amzn.to/2N04Pqb

Shultz All Purpose Fertilizer | https://amzn.to/2J4j4ri

My Favorite Tool | Hand Cultivator | https://amzn.to/2NvZnwh

Organic Fertilizing Options I have used every other year that I liked: Worm Castings (I mix Worm Castings into my soil when I start my Raised Beds) | https://amzn.to/2u8mx3N

4th of July Garden Tour | Garden Design | Vegetable Gardening | Container Gardening

4th of July Garden Tour | Garden Design | Vegetable Gardening | Container Gardening

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Casey Lynn Lawrence takes you on a tour of her gardens on the 4th of July. See what she has planted through out the garden oasis and learn about different vegetable and flowering annual varieties! Casey’s gardens are known for being a mixture of vegetables and flowers, since it’s not just a gardening space, but their outdoor living space as well. She shares great tips and information throughout this entire video, and the container ideas are unique and unseen, including her window boxes! Don’t miss the end with the fireworks, amores and nighttime views of the Garden Oasis! Follow Casey on Instagram for daily Home and Garden Inspiration @CaseyLynnLawrence or on Facebook Facebook.com/CaseyLynnLawrence