How to Build a Creative Mammoth Planter

For as long as I can remember, I have alway been known for creating odd combinations.
I feel this is what separates my containers from the rest.

I remember, when I used to work in my parents greenhouse business, being told by my mom that my combinations would be too weird to sell.  So that year I made sure to put my name on all the baskets and containers I created.  Funny thing is, my creations were all sold out.  That’s when my mom realized that there is a style for everyone, and not everyone likes the same things.  My goal is to help every gardener learn how to step out of the box every once in awhile, and create a more “weird” planter.  When I say weird, that means a one of a kind that you won’t see sitting next door on your neighbors porch.  I mean the kind of planter that creates a conversation amongst you and someone you may not have converted with before.  What I am about to show you, is a style of planter that will bring gardeners from around your area, to gawk and be amazed! Are you ready to be the talk on your block? Then follow this idea and tutorial, and that’s what you’ll be!

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