My Secret Tips to the Ultimate Veggie Garden and Flowering Containers

My Secret tips to the Ultimate Veggie Garden and Flowering Containers

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Casey Lynn Lawrence starts off with a quick Lesson on how she fertilizes with a fertilizer injector and flows into her secret tips on how to water correctly and how to multi task while you are watering and fertilizing. She then moves onto her famous Raised Garden Beds that are mixed with Vegetables and Flowering Annuals. She will go through what she does in order to Keep them Maintained and Looking Great all Season Long! Feel Free to Subscribe to The Lawrence Network, and don’t forget to also Click the Notification Button once you subscribe, that little bell icon

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My Favorite Tool | Hand Cultivator |

Organic Fertilizing Options I have used every other year that I liked: Worm Castings (I mix Worm Castings into my soil when I start my Raised Beds) |