The Pumpkin Patch 2017

Enjoy This Video of the Documentation of This Year’s Pumpkin Patch.  It’s FUN and ENTERTAINING!

When I was little, I vividly remember helping out on my parent’s Pumpkin Farm.  This was back in the late 80’s when I was under 5 years old. I think that’s why I am so attached to the Fall Season whenever it makes its way around again every year.  I feel compelled to grow Fall crops, and keep growing the size of the amount I grow every year.  When I was under 5 years old, I didn’t pay attention to the detail of growing champion pumpkins.  I just knew that I loved the little munchkin pumpkins, and to me, at that time, the pie pumpkins looked huge.

Last year, I started out with a small pumpkin patch, and had little success. So why am I growing a half acre this year? Because I am confident knowing that I hav

e my Dad, Farmer Wayne, to turn to with questions.  Last year, I thought I was hot stuff, and my pumpkins were going to be better than his.  He definitely had the last laugh last season.  This season, I watch and learn everything he does with his pumpkins, because after all, he used to grow them for a living. 

I can’t believe how much I am learning from him, and how different my pumpkins are looking this year, compared to last.  Every week there is a new improvement, but also a new battle.  In the video below, I have captured all my pumpkin patch moments this year so far, and all my lessons. There are many things that I wasn’t doing, that I now learned to do from my Dad.  I’d like to share that with you.

Not only is the pumpkin patch a field of pumpkins, but it is also an extension of our entertainment as a family.  Me and my two little girls, and my husband, we love going out there just to check the progress, find cool rocks, explore new weeds or insects.  My mini little farm that I have created this season, has become a lifestyle for us.  I want my kids to grow up and learn how to grow their own food, and learn how to be a good hard worker.  We love our pumpkin patch and everything that comes with it.  I hope that if you find yourself watching the video below, that you will be inspired to start your own pumpkin patch, and find the joy in it, as much as we do.