How to Plant A Raised Garden Bed


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My raised garden beds are very unique, I love intermixing flowers into each raised bed right along with the vegtables. I do this because I ¬†wanted my raised garden beds to look Amazing and be functional. Our Raised beds are all located in our ‘Garden Oasis’. This is where we hang out the most so I want to make sure it feels and looks good!

I do put thought into what goes into each bed along with how each plant is placed. If something is going to trail it will need to be placed towards the outside of the raised bed. If something is going to be 3′ to 4′ tall then that is something that should get placed towards the middle of the raised bed.

I want the raised beds to look amazing once they are all grown in, so I need to be sure and place things where they will do well and look good at the end of the summer. In this video I will take you through each raised bed and show you what I have planted in each one and I will show where and why I planted certain things like I did.