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How and When To Start Seeding Indoors

How And When To Start Seeding Indoors

How and When to Start Seeding Indoors.

Everything I talk about below is shown in the video below this post, so you can see each step in detail.

There isn’t just One Right way to do this, for example, I prefer to put my seeds into dry soil and then water. Others prefer to start with wet soil and then put the seed in. As long as it grows, they were both the Right Way! I’ll share here what works for me.

I start seeding most of our varieties mid March through early February.  Most seed packets will say how many weeks to plant prior to the last frost you will have.

I use seedling trays, which you can through Amazon, I do cut these trays down in size and I’ll share why down below. I then fill them with a seeding soil, I personally use and love Jolly Gardener seeding soil, but I can only ever get it at my parents garden center, you can but this at big box stores or online, so you can also use other available seeding soils. Miracle grow has a seeding soil (here’s a link for it , Sungrow is another one, there are many.

I then will pour out the seed packet onto a white tray or plate, so I can see them all. The back of the seed packet will have instructions on how to put the seeds into the soil and whether or not they like to be covered, ect.. So make sure to read the back of the packet. If the seed doesn’t need to be covered I will drop one seed on top of the soil at each cell. If it says to cover, then I would poke a little hole into the soil and drop the seed in.

I  then like to sprinkle a little vermiculite on top of the soil, this helps to hold and retain the moisture, the cell won’t dry out as quickly. I don’t completely cover the soil, just lightly sprinkle it on.  This is something my Dad does, he’s a farmer and owner of Wayne’s Daughters Greenhouses and is their head seeder, so any tips he gives me, I will take! This has been the one trick that has helped my seedlings germinate well.

Now, it’s time to water. I like to use the spray hose from my sink and I turn the water on low, I want to very lightly water it but I want to soak the dirt all the way through. If you water with too much force, it will blow the seed and vermiculate right out of the soil. So make sure to lightly run the spray over and you can do it a couple times so it soaks the soil all the way through. Then I let it sit so any excess water can drip out.

I then place the tray inside a 1 gallon ziplock bag. Now above I talked about cutting the trays, this is why I do it. So that it fits inside the ziplock bag.  I will then place the tray inside the ziplock bag, but don’t close it all the way. You do want air to be able to get inside. I will also poke a few holes in the bag to allow for more air circulation. I then prop up the plastic with a couple tooth pic so the plastic isn’t sitting directly on top of the tray. This acts like a mini Greenhouse!

I place the bag with tray in a sunny and warm spot. A south-side window or now into our Greenhouse we built over the summer! You definitely have to keep an eye on it, once you see the plastic start to condensate, that is good, but you don’t want it to create to many large water droplets that start to fall on the tray, if you see those start to form, them make sure enough air is getting into the bag, you can open it up a little more.

Then I’ll lable my seedling tray but writing on a piece of painters tape what it is, I wrap that around another tooth pic and stick it in the tray.

Once the seedlings start to pop out of the soil and are sticking out of the soil by 1/8″ – 1/4″ you can take the tray out of the ziplock bag.

That is how I germinate my seeds! I hope this will help you with your seeding adventure. You can check out our YouTube Channel for more video’s. In our Garden and Recipes Playlist there will be another video showing the next steps.

Happy Seeding!!

3 Tips To Have A beautiful Fall Garden

3 Tips To Maintain A Beautiful Fall Garden

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Tip 1. You guessed it!, well maybe. If you know me  you know I love to fertilize. Fertilizing my Flowering containers with Jack’s Bloom Booster Fertilizer. Here is the link if you would like to try it

This time of year they are really rooted into their containers so they need extra nutrients. I am fertilizing weekly and have been for some time. When I water, I always water underneath the flowers and foliage. This way it keeps them looking nice and bushy on top, not matted down. Oh and always make sure your containers have holes in the bottom for water to drain.

Tip 2. Then after watering, I will pull/pick any bad leaves or dead flowers to make the container look vibrant with color. This one is such a huge reason your gardens will look amazing through the fall. Picking away any of the brown leaves and dead flowers leaves green foliage and colorful flowers.

Tip 3. Next for our bug and worm problems on certain plants, I will use Organic Monterey to spray the plants. Here is the link if you would like to try it out

This will keep the leaves on your plants, especially flower kale from not being eaten away.

Well those are my 3 tips for fall garden maintenance and keeping your fall gardens looking amazing!

How to Duplicate Succulents

How to Duplicate Succulents


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Lets learn how to Duplicate your succulents, it’s easy! There are a lot of ways to do this, I’ll talk about my way.

There are tons of different kinds of succulents and when it comes to propagating or duplicating there are the kind you can just pull the leaf off of and then there is the kind you will need to take a cutting off of. In the video I’ll show an up close on exactly how to do this!

After watching this you will be ready to Duplicate your own succulents! Good Luck!

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How to Plant a Window Box – Detailed Lesson

How to Plant a Window Box – Detailed Lesson


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I’ve had a lot of people very curious about how I start my window boxes, and how they get so big and look so nice. I will teach you how to plant a window box, and show you exactly what I do in a detailed lesson. From start, to finish. I will share what soil I use, a secret added weapon before planting(link below), how to arrange plants, and plants and their variety names included. I’ll discuss fertilizing tips throughout the Summer. So many great added tips that will have your window box being UNFORGETTABLE this Year!
This Combination can tolerate Full to Part Sun. My Window Boxes face East. This can handle South Side and West Side Sun as well. North Side is too shady.
Secret Weapon-Osmocote Time Release Fertilizer. Add in after filling box with soil. Here is a link to purchase –
Then for Fertilizing during the summer, use Jack’s Bloom Booster. Here is a link to purchase This is a water soluble fertilizer can be used once per week, then twice per week starting mid season.
Container Gardening Lesson
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How to Plant A Raised Garden Bed

How to Plant A Raised Garden Bed


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My raised garden beds are very unique, I love intermixing flowers into each raised bed right along with the vegtables. I do this because I  wanted my raised garden beds to look Amazing and be functional. Our Raised beds are all located in our ‘Garden Oasis’. This is where we hang out the most so I want to make sure it feels and looks good!

I do put thought into what goes into each bed along with how each plant is placed. If something is going to trail it will need to be placed towards the outside of the raised bed. If something is going to be 3′ to 4′ tall then that is something that should get placed towards the middle of the raised bed.

I want the raised beds to look amazing once they are all grown in, so I need to be sure and place things where they will do well and look good at the end of the summer. In this video I will take you through each raised bed and show you what I have planted in each one and I will show where and why I planted certain things like I did.

Zucchini Noodle Recipe | Quick & Easy

Zucchini Noodle Recipe | Quick & Easy

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This time of year, we are all swamped with all of the Zucchini being produced in our Gardens. And right now, everyone is talking about Zucchini Noodles!! So what do we do with all of that Zucchini? Well, Casey Lynn Lawrence invites you into her kitchen to share her favorite Zucchini Noodle Recipe. It’s Quick and SO Easy, anybody can duplicate it after watching this video! No measuring, just toss in ingredients! Great flavor for the whole family. This recipe serves 1, so if you are cooking for more than one, then double, triple or quadruple the recipe! It’s that easy!

Planting A Window Box – Secret Tips

Planting a Window Box – Secret Tips

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My Secrets on how to plant a window box,  a Big and Beautiful window box! First off I like to remove the soil that is in the box and here is why. After the fall-time is over and the plants and flowers in the window boxes are dead I remove them. Once December comes, I like to cut and place pine bows into the box, that way they look nice and decorated for the winter season and Christmas of course, which is my favorite time of the year!

So, I remove the pine bows come spring along with the soil that is inside the window boxes. I replace with new soil and I use potting soil, Jolly Gardeners Pro Mix, which I get from my parents Garden Center. You will most likely have to go to a Garden Center to find this. I don’t think that the big box stores, like Home Depot, ect.. will have this. I really believe that having new fresh potting soil to start with is one of the reasons my boxes get so big and do so well!

After the soil is replaced with new potting soil, it’s time for one of my Secret Moves, this actually isn’t in the video either! I add in Osmocote Time Release fertilizer, you can follow the instruction on it, but basically you are going to sprinkle it over the top of the soil. This ensures that when we have those rainy days your plants are getting fertilized and not just rained on over and over again. To have big and beautiful window boxes everything needs to be fertilized. Adding this in makes a huge difference. It’s my fertilizing back up plan! Here is an Amazon link if you would like to purchase it

After everything is planted I fertilize once per week with a water soluble fertilizer, Jack’s Bloom Booster. Then once mid season/summer comes around I am doing this twice per week! Here is a link for the Jack’s Bloom Booster if you would like to purchase it

Now check out the video where I will talk about the maintenance of the flowers and plants inside the window box and I will call out each plant and flower I used in this window box.

Harvesting Potatoes | Easy, When&How To | Raised Bed Potatoes

Harvesting Potatoes | Easy, When & How to | Raised Bed Potatoes

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Casey Lynn Lawrence had you follow along all season, during her first year growing potatoes. Now it is time to Harvest them! Find out when you need to harvest, how to harvest and see how easy growing Potatoes can be! Since this is her first year growing potatoes, she wants to get her Dad, Farmer Wayne’s Opinion on her bounty.(7th generation farmer) Ride along with Casey to her Dad’s Farm, once she’s done harvesting, and see what he has to say about her Harvest! The Lawrence Network hopes you enjoy another ‘Gardening with Casey Lynn Lawrence’, video! Casey’s Videos are always simple, fun and full of information and close ups! Feel free to follow Casey’s Passion for Gardens, Homes and Family on Instagram, @CaseyLynnLawrence or on Facebook, @CaseyLynnLawrence