Planting a Window Box – Secret Tips

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My Secrets on how to plant a window box,  a Big and Beautiful window box! First off I like to remove the soil that is in the box and here is why. After the fall-time is over and the plants and flowers in the window boxes are dead I remove them. Once December comes, I like to cut and place pine bows into the box, that way they look nice and decorated for the winter season and Christmas of course, which is my favorite time of the year!

So, I remove the pine bows come spring along with the soil that is inside the window boxes. I replace with new soil and I use potting soil, Jolly Gardeners Pro Mix, which I get from my parents Garden Center. You will most likely have to go to a Garden Center to find this. I don’t think that the big box stores, like Home Depot, ect.. will have this. I really believe that having new fresh potting soil to start with is one of the reasons my boxes get so big and do so well!

After the soil is replaced with new potting soil, it’s time for one of my Secret Moves, this actually isn’t in the video either! I add in Osmocote Time Release fertilizer, you can follow the instruction on it, but basically you are going to sprinkle it over the top of the soil. This ensures that when we have those rainy days your plants are getting fertilized and not just rained on over and over again. To have big and beautiful window boxes everything needs to be fertilized. Adding this in makes a huge difference. It’s my fertilizing back up plan! Here is an Amazon link if you would like to purchase it

After everything is planted I fertilize once per week with a water soluble fertilizer, Jack’s Bloom Booster. Then once mid season/summer comes around I am doing this twice per week! Here is a link for the Jack’s Bloom Booster if you would like to purchase it

Now check out the video where I will talk about the maintenance of the flowers and plants inside the window box and I will call out each plant and flower I used in this window box.