Welcome to The Lawrence Garden Farm Channel!

We share great Garden How To’s, Garden Tips and Our Garden Life. We are building our gardens up year after year with additions and lots of New garden projects on our historic property that has been in our family since 1839.

Our mission is to turn our 5 acre property into all gardens, and one day open for events and Air B&B. We share our Projects and Everything we do in the Gardens, Along with our famous Raised Bed and Window Box Combinations. We also love sharing our life in the garden as a family, in hopes of inspiring others to start or enjoy their gardens in a whole new way. We have turned gardening into our paradise and outdoor summer home. We take pride in passing on the love of gardening to our two kids, Lana and Sayla, who love and enjoy gardening. It’s always so much fun hearing how many kids they have inspired to try gardening.

Hi, I’m Casey Lawrence. My Background is a lifetime of Agricultural and Horticultural Upbringing. I grew up on a vegetable farm and Garden Center Business. Even though I decided not to stay in the Family Greenhouse Business, I decided to use my life long education in another way. That other way is to turn our slice of the farm into something that will be around for many years to come, and show the projects, educate and inspire along the way. My mission is to create something that can be passed down to Our kids, Lana and Sayla, the 9th Generation.

Hi, I’m Jason Lawrence. I grew up in a close family which happened to be in the Home Building Industry. So I’ve had alot of experience with building things and I definitely put those skills to use! Between building our Greenhouse, raised beds, the list goes on and on! I had no garden experience until I met Casey 12 years ago! Now it is one of the things I am most Passionate about. I look forward to building up our Garden Farm each year with my Amazing Family! Thanks for visiting us.