How to Plant a Window Box – Detailed Lesson


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I’ve had a lot of people very curious about how I start my window boxes, and how they get so big and look so nice. I will teach you how to plant a window box, and show you exactly what I do in a detailed lesson. From start, to finish. I will share what soil I use, a secret added weapon before planting(link below), how to arrange plants, and plants and their variety names included. I’ll discuss fertilizing tips throughout the Summer. So many great added tips that will have your window box being UNFORGETTABLE this Year!
This Combination can tolerate Full to Part Sun. My Window Boxes face East. This can handle South Side and West Side Sun as well. North Side is too shady.
Secret Weapon-Osmocote Time Release Fertilizer. Add in after filling box with soil. Here is a link to purchase –¬†
Then for Fertilizing during the summer, use Jack’s Bloom Booster. Here is a link to purchase¬†This is a water soluble fertilizer can be used once per week, then twice per week starting mid season.
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