Inspiration For Your Perennial Gardens

In this blog we’re going to discuss our Top 10 Favorite Perennials. We’re excited to share information with you including size, zone, sunlight, and what each perennial may attract to your garden. We hope you’ll be inspired by our list of favorites and maybe you’ll even find a new perennial that you absolutely love and have to have for your garden!

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1. Catmint

The first perennial we are going to discuss is Catmint. Called ‘Cat’s Pajamas’, the name of the perennial is super fun and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous! It’s another beautiful perennial by Proven Winners. Cat’s Pajamas get 12 to 14 inches in size and it’s hardy in zones 3 – 8. It blooms from late spring into late fall, so pretty much all season, and takes full Sun. The Catmint pairs very well with the next perennial on our list of Top Favorites too.

2. Pearlwort

Number two on our list of favorites is Pearlwort, a type of Irish Moss. Pearlwort pairs well with Catmint because the Catmint is a little bit taller and the Pearlwort is more like a ground cover. So it’s really cool to see the blue flowers from the Catmint intermixed with the green texture of Pearlwort on the ground. Don’t forget, though, the Pearlwort also gets flowers! It blooms in summer with small, little white flowers. Pearlwort also works great in little fairy gardens. It takes full sun to part sun and does very well in zones 4 – 8.

3. Bonfire

If you’ve been watching our Youtube Channel for a while, then you know I’m a sucker for colored foliage; and the next perennial on our list is a great one. A type of Euphorbia, this perennial is called Bonfire and can take sun to part shade. It’s great for perennial bed borders because it only gets about 10 inches tall. It does well in zones 4 – 9.  

4. Coreopsis

The next perennial I’m going to share with you is loved by many perennial gardeners – it’s Coreopsis. Coreopsis is the Moonbeam. It can take full sun and can actually be very drought tolerant. We absolutely love this one because it gives us that beautiful yellow daisy flower all summer, pretty much up until fall. They get 18 to 24 inches and they do very well in zones 4 – 9.

Coreopsis can take full to part sun, as long as they’re getting at least six hours of sun a day. Another great feature about the Coreopsis is that it’s deer resistant. If you have problems with deer, coreopsis would be a great perennial to add into your garden.

5. Agastache Morello

Another great perennial that is deer resistant is Agastache Morello. It gets these beautiful reddish pink flowers and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden, so it’s a great addition. They bloom all summer long. It loves full sun and gets 27 to 33 inches. Agastache Morello does very well in zones 5 – 10.

6. Foxglove

We just had an amazing Foxglove blossom in our greenhouse (pictured to the left). This gorgeous variety is called Candy Mountain. What we love about Foxglove isn’t just the beauty that it brings to the garden, but it’s height as well. The Candy Mountain Foxglove can get 3 – 4 feet tall. It blooms in early summer and it can take full sun to part sun. It grows well in zones 4 – 9.

A good thing to know about Foxglove is that they are biennial. So after two years, they die off. But Foxglove do recede, so you’re sure to continue to have Foxglove even though the main plant will die off.

7. Russian Sage

Seventh on our List of Perennial Favorites is Russian Sage. Not only does it give us beautiful foliage and beautiful blue flowers, it also gives us a beautiful scent in the garden. Russian Sage is popular because it’s a staple to most country-style gardens and it’s also super hardy. It does well in zones 4 – 9. Russian Sage does well in sun and part sun, and it can get three to four feet.

8. Double Blue Balloon Flower

The next perennial we’re going to talk about is the Double Blue Balloon Flower. The perennial in our video below may not be in blossom, but when it is, it’s very hard to miss it in the garden. The Double Blue Balloon Flower can take sun to part sun and it gets about two feet tall. It blooms in midsummer and grows very well in zones 3 – 8, so it’s a super hardy perennial.

9. Milkweed

Now we’re going to talk about Milkweed. We feature Swamp Milkweed in our video below. If you don’t want anything taking over your garden, then this is not the perennial for you. Swamp milkweed is pretty invasive and it can just keep spreading throughout your garden. So if you have a really well manicured, structured garden, Swamp Milkweed would not be a great addition.

We love attracting wildlife pollinators and beneficials into our gardens, so this year we really wanted to add Milkweed. Especially because we’re hoping to entice more butterflies. We’ve got a few Swamp Milkweed plants and a designated space that will allow them to go wild and multiply over the years.

Swamp Milkweed gets beautiful pink flowers from midsummer to early fall. They can get three to five feet tall in the garden and do very well in zones 3 – 9, so it’s a very hardy perennial.

10. Cardinal Flower

Last but not least on our list is the Cardinal Flower. Surprisingly, we’ve never grown it in our gardens before. So we’re super excited to add this into our gardens this year. It’s supposed to be a great perennial that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. The Cardinal Flower gets really beautiful, vibrant red spikes of flowers late in the season; which is nice when we’re not getting as much color. It can get three to four feet tall and does well in zones 3 – 9. It can take full sun to part sun. We are very excited to pair the Cardinal Flower with all the other beautiful perennials that we have selected this year for our new perennial garden.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog! We’re eager to add these10 beautiful perennials to our garden this year. If you’re interested in seeing the plants we discussed above in more detail, watch the video below. You can also visit our Youtube Channel for more gardening videos & tips.